Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

Beautiful Cup

now. I just wanna give you some story
I hope you can be better
oke listen.!!!

there is a cuple, they wanNa hunting soMe gift 4 their soN
they go to supeRmarket
they loOk around 4 buy soMe the best gift,
finaly a maN find soMe beauTifuL cup,he cAll his wifE "darling coMe here please ! I find soMe sPecial gIft 4 our soN"
"what the hell is that ?"
"loOk ! its beauTifuL cup,I'll be guarantee he won't be sorry"
wheN they touch a cup,suddenly a cup cAn sPeak,n it ask "why U chose me ? B4 U chose,U must knOw how my paint b4 I'm becoMe beauTiful cup like thIs.
LoOk ! Formerly,I'm just clay.all of people sPlit n step oN me,until soMetime there is a man,he take me n bring me to soMe place,firstly I'm so happy,buT the faCt he puT me oN soMe around plaCe,its make me coNfuced,I say "I could nOt bear,pleace stop it !"
a man answer"be patient,I would like to change U be betTer"
"pleaCe sir,pleace stop it ! I wanna vomit n I'm so coNfuseD"
a man say "be patient,just a mOment pleace !",I try to be patient n tanks god finaly its over,a man take me up n give to his friend,he is old man,
I think its my last pain of my life,buT a old man puT me oN soMe burning place,he burn me 4 a long time,firstly I'm stroMg enough buT little by little I'm so limp n I say to him "Sir,take me ouT pleace ! I could nOt bear !"
"be patient !"he answer,I try to be stroNg buT I cAn't do it,its so hoT 4 me,I wanNa pussed ouT,"sir help me ! Help me pleaCe"after that I'm pussed ouT n I doN'T remember anything,when I aware,I'm oN girl's hand,she bring soMe smell tool,she use it 4 engrave in my body,its painful n I say

"miS I could nOt bear, its so smell n painful 4 me so I'm nOt stroNg enough n I miss happiness n goOdnesS so much"
"be patient,U wiLL get it"
"wheN ?"
"wait n see !"
ok I wiLL hold oN your pRoMise,finaly its over n I'm so happy,buT I'm so coNfused,why she give I to her father?
I say "excuse me sir,may I ask soMething to U ?"
"hm ,what is that ?"
"what U wiLL do to me ? LoNg time ago I have many paint n mistreatment so I hope doN't tortUre anymOre !"
"I'm so sorRy,I must burn oN burning plaCe"
"ha...? DammiT ! U're so cruel"
"trust me ! I'll make over U so be patient pleaCe !"
"since loNg time ago till nOw all of people ask me to be patient buT wheN I get my happiness n my goOdness ?"
"trust me ! its the last your strugle to be betTer"
"ok ,I'll save your tongue !"
I try to be stroNg buT I could nOt bear n I'm pussed ouT n I aware in this markeT,firstly wheN I see mirror in front of me I'm so surprise,its unbeliveble,in my brain who is that ?
I ask to my sidE "who is stay in froNt of me ?"
"its U !"
"really ? so why I stay here ? Formerly I'm just clay n how coMe I'm becoMe beautiful cuP ?"
"are U remember your strugle to be nOw ? Coz U knOw 'NO PAINT NO GAIN' n doN't 4geT say thanks to your God.""

"noW U cAn chose take it or leave buy me ?"
"your price its so cheep 4 your strugle however that U're my luxurious stuff 4 me so I take it"
N a man give it to his soN n he puT in sPecial cupboard 4 luxurious stuff.

the end.
N tnks 4 your time
this story I have listen from my teacher.

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  1. akhir yg indah butuh proses tempaan yg panjaang...begitu y maksudnyaa ??? :)

  2. salam ukhuwah...gabung disini yuk bloofers@groups.facebook.com

  3. @ unniamelia, sip ^_^

    @ phuji Astuty lipi, aku uda reques. tp blm tergabung -_-"